Supported and Involved Projects:

Games in Space-Time in slow motion (Polish)

Multimedia Performace "Silence"

VERIM in Thailand

Virtual Energy Resource and Intelligence Management

Tamas Lab.

Tamas Lab. Project

MuSES Multi(user)-Sensory-Education-System.

"Slow Down" Studio Weekend

MuSES® incorporates State of the Art Technology for learning, mental training, art experience and entertainment.

Advanced  technologies and our know how in multimedia, education, mental training and psychophysiology focus in MuSES® into one synergetic product:

  • Multimedia in HD (High Definition) giving fantastic vision sharpness and surround sound

  • Audio-Visual Stimulation – our best multi color/channel AudioStrobe® Technology for creating learning friendly mind states.

  • Biofeedback – or how we call it “psychointeractivity” – for monitoring and real-time evaluation of mental states – for driving the MuSES® programs.

  • Multichannel “Micro-vibrations”: instead of applying pressure as in conventional massage chairs we can tune the system so fine that you have the feeling of the micro-vibrations inside  of you – moving, rotating – and this in total sync with sound and visual experience – and everything psychointeractive.

  • Group/Network psychointeractivity – protected by our European patent this is the 21th century technology for network group educational programs, training and entertainment.






These animations need quite long to be created: several computer workstations are running day and night.