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We believe that democratic process on this planet needs educated people to work properly.
We are concerned that information, which is a foundation for proper learning, may be channeled for financial or political reasons.

Every child this on this planet has its potential and this is our future’s resource, and we have to invest now.
Invest money in projects building up self confidence, trust, social competences and self engagement.

Self engagement means here involve yourself, as a person,  a group, a class or an organization, a community.

We will help you, provide necessary resources & training. The work you do yourself… for you and for others, who can benefit from your experience, expand it and share to the MuSES community again.


"Kira Kira Hikaru" in Memory of Chernobyl and Fukushima 2016

2 minutes and 22 seconds to look at
"A Nuclear Story" from another perspective.

Come and see at ECS Ggansk:

"A Nuclear Story" ( Fukushima ) Polish premiere in Gdansk 26.04.2016


Japanese ex-Prime Minister Naoto Kan on his historic visit in Poland 2014:

Naota Kan

Thank you Kan-san!


A short documentary of the visit.

The Baltic Sea shore is known for its natural beauty like white sand beaches, forests and lakes. To build nuclear power plants (NPP) there is more than crazy. It is criminal.


People live here mainly from tourism, fishery and agriculture. But the Polish government decided in January 2014 to build 2 NPPs there. The propaganda machine paid by our taxes is on its heights and the democracy in Poland is decaying (see an article for CNIC).


Its all about money for nuclear lobby and has nothing to do with common sense and 21st century renewable technologies.

Pio The key person for the contact was well known Italian journalist and Foreign Corespondence Club (FCC) veteran member Pio d'Emilia, an old friend of Mr. Kan, who joined him on the trip. Now one of the main characters in the documentary "A Nuclear Story: Fukushima".

We all together were working day and night to make this historic visit possible.


We hope that the visit of Mr. Kan has ended the monopoly of the atomic lobby and the Polish government brings the dialog about renewable energy sources to a new level.

Naoto Kan
Naoto Kan in Sejm's Energy Commission (Polish parlament)

Naoto Kan was Japanese Prime Minister when the Fukushima accident happened. Now he belongs to the anti-nuclear side. He makes lectures all over the world explaining the real reasons of the Fukushima disaster, how TEPCO lied to him and about the unimaginable consequences for the victims.

His experience as Prime Minister in the time of the March 11 disaster was of a great value to the polish public, politicians and anti-nuclear activists.

In order to support Polish efforts to transit to renewable and democratic energy system, without falling into the nightmare of nuclear, he invited several specialists in this field to accompany his visit.

Naoto Kan
Naoto Kan at a press conference at Zarnowiec

We hope very much this visit encouraged not only the Polish citizens but the government as well to cancel the deadly nuclear path and go as the German neighbors do into the sustainable and eco friendly solution.

We welcome Japanese state of the art technology to make the “green revolution” but we do not want the dirty technology the current Prime Minister Abe is proposing with his atomic lobby. He should wisely listen to his wife and Japanese people.

Mr. Kan visited Warsaw on 21st March visiting the Polish Parliament, making a press conference and a lecture at the university. On the next day he was visiting Wejherowo, the nearest city to the planned NPP. He wanted also to visit and make a speech at the ruins of never finalized NPP project from the ’80-ties.

Our Foundation was organizing the visit on its own with support from the public, NGO’s and is independent from any political party. We did not rise the founding so far and private loans had to be used, which have to be repaid.

The Muses Foundation is planning new projects for Fukushima victims to help them “reach piece of mind”. This phrase I have heard many times in the Fukushima region.

Nuclear fallout has no borders.

Yours sincerely,

Andrzej Slawinski

Andrzej Slawinski
MuSES Foundation

PDF documents related to the visit of Mr. Naoto Kan in Poland 21-23rd March 2014
Invitation for Mr. Kan Declaration of financing Reply of Mr. Kan Bank details for donations

One of the Polish sites for alternative energies and against nuclear village. On Fb multilinqual.